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Rich on the set of Footspeed.

Television, entertainment and physical fitness have been lifelong passions for Rich. After earning a degree, in Radio and Television, from the University of Northern Iowa, Rich headed to New York and started his career as an intern on the long-running soap opera "Another World". He then moved to Los Angeles where he spent the next 15 years becoming one of L.A.'s top professional fitness trainers. During that time he also built and ran the gym at the world-famous Riviera Country Club. Rich also kept creating, producing and selling ideas for Television shows: "NASCAR: Uncut" for ESPN, "Listener" for Brillstein-Grey Entertainment, "PINKS", "PINKS: ALL OUT", "Drag Race High" and "Pass Time" for the SPEED Channel, and "Won and Done" for MavTV. When PINKS first started, they literally could not afford to hire a Host, so Rich was forced to give it a try. Over the next several years he became among the most recognized TV personalities in all of Motorsports around the world. He also never stopped developing ideas around fitness, and Track and Field. After decades of development the idea for a new sport... FOOTSPEED was born. Rich created FOOTSPEED to be the most inclusive and fun sport on the planet, while also delivering the message of health, wellness, and the joy of athleticism to all.


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Pinks All Out
Pass Time
Drag Race High
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